A Technique To Enhance The Productivity Of Land Seismic Crews

A previous sequence of articles lined the basic tools of computational geometry. A dual-servo mechanism is realized by combining a mechanical linear stage with an electro-optic modulator (EOM) within the fiber laser cavity, enabling stable sweeping management of the pulse repetition rate over a 1.0-MHz scan range with zero.4-Hz steps on the subject of the Rb clock.

The swarm robot R1 searches the adjoining sweeping area of the stick S7, detects the stick S6, and registers it to the bookmark B2(R1). A straight broom for sliding and skipping and angles for sweeping. At the similar time, the fr-sweeping was carried out by phase-locked control so that the FT sampling accuracy could be traceable to the Rb clock.

In contrast, the sweep ssVEP method permits for an unambiguous (i.e., objective) quantitative evaluation of the face-specific response: the primary harmonic response (three Hz here) is defined by the paradigm and selected by the experimenter and is demonstrably face specific (see Determine 1 ). This component can be measured from a single stimulus situation, moderately than requiring a subtraction of individually measured take a look at and control responses.

In the meantime, when a new stick is detected in the adjoining space, the search space in the sweep mode is expanded to the sum of all of the divided areas including any one stick in the stick map. The time-marching strategy to regular state calculation is way slower than the quick sweeping strategies because of the CFL situation constraint.chimney sweeping methods

FMM advances wave fronts in a monotonic method, however have to be carried out in a sequential order to ensure causality and can’t be simply modified to attain excessive-order accuracy ( Kim & Cook 1999 ). FSM advances wave fronts with iterative sweeping and updates traveltime at every grid point monotonically to ensure the causality ( Tsai et al. 2003 ; Zhao 2004 ). The implementation of FSM is thus considerably simplified and its computational efficiency is superior to FMM even when velocity modifications quickly ( Bak et al. 2010 ). As well as, FSM may be easily extended to high-order accuracy ( Zhang et al. 2006 ; Xiong et al. 2010 ), achieve excessive computational efficiency on shared or distributed reminiscence systems ( Zhao 2007 ) and may be applied on unstructured components as nicely ( Qian et al. 2007 ). On this research, we employ FSM because the ahead modelling algorithm of the traveltime tomography.fast sweeping method

And last May in Kemptville, Ont., the National Analysis Council of Canada was known as in to carry the first ever Sweeping Summit.” After days of intense testing and evaluation, a sequence of new laws have been introduced, including one that outlawed the new technology and ensured all groups at major occasions would use uniform broom heads.

Within the sweep mode, the article map may be generated and the mode may be switched to the circuit mode when the search on the adjacent sweeping area is accomplished. On this investigation, instead technique, FT spectroscopy is carried out by sweeping the repetition price (fr) of the femtosecond laser being used as the light supply.

One converts eq. (1) from a static to time-dependent state with the extent set methodology ( Osher 1993 ) or the paraxial formulation ( Qian & Symes 2002 ). Quite a lot of numerical strategies may be applied to solve the time-dependent Hamilton-Jacobi equations (see Shu 2007 and references therein).

As part of the 65th Medical Brigade tick-borne disease surveillance program to find out the abundance, geographical and seasonal distributions, and tick-borne pathogens present within the Republic of Korea, dragging and sweeping strategies were in comparison with decide their effectivity for accumulating ticks in grass and deciduous, conifer, and mixed forest habitats at navy coaching websites and privately owned lands in northern Gyeonggi Province close to the demilitarized zone from April-October, 2004-2005.matrix sweeping method

The fast sweeping method has been widely used for isotropic raytracing. The present invention relates to a swarm robotic and a sweeping technique utilizing the swarm robotic. That is why, the algorithms based on this idea are generally also referred to as airplane sweep algorithms.

1 Zhao, Hongkai A quick sweeping method for eikonal equations. (c) Frequency decision vs. unbalance arm size for various fr-sweeping ranges (Δfr). The skip then makes a line sweeping decision primarily based on whether or not the rocks curl must be straightened out.

The temporal sampling uncertainty is estimated to be zero.02 fs—one order of magnitude less than the 0.seventy six-fs sampling resolution – being mainly influenced by the eight-nm thermal fluctuation of the unbalance arm size occurring during fr-sweeping (See Strategies).

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